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       What are Barre Classes?

 Barre is the amazing workout that is taking the entire yoga and fitness industry by storm. It is a dancer’s workout, without the dance. Barre workouts can feel ruthless at times, but are sooooo very effective! Especially for your abs, since they are always working to support your movements. If you want a workout that will challenge you, inspire you, and make you feel like a pretty ballerina at the same time, get to the Barre! 


Our Barre classes are an intense 60 minute workout that borrows from Ballet Training, Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Training. This highly intense workout will challenge your stability, muscular endurance and balance, while promoting and improving good posture. Let us help you sculpt your body into that of a dancer! You’ll love your longer and leaner physique!.

I’ve never done Ballet or dance before, will I be able to participate and benefit?

Yes! This is NOT your child’s ballet class! Our Barre classes aren’t  for dancers. Our Barre classes have been specifically designed to help anyone achieve strong, lean and long muscles.

What if I don’t understand the terminology?

Although some dance terminology may be used in class from time to time, these cues and/or terms, will be explained to you by your instructor. Please also remember, that you can feel free to ask the instructor for clarification regarding anything in the class that you may not yet be familiar with, at any time.

How often should I participate?

 Although no one’s fitness objectives or bodies are exactly the same, most clients will see a significant change in their bodies after 6-8 weeks by attending 3 or more classes per week. We are always interested in helping you on the path to your specific goals, so please don’t hesitate to communicate with your instructor regarding any of your goals or how to best achieve them.

Can anyone participate?

 Yes! We have developed our programs to benefit everyone regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness level.  Please keep in mind however, that as with any classes at our studio, any health concerns or injuries should be brought to the attention of our team, before participation in any of our programs. 

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