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Classical Pranayama

The Science of Breath (YG110) with Babu G. Rao

20 hours
COST: $625

In this 8-week course, participants will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of therapeutic breathing, known as pranayama, as taught in the tradition of Classical Yoga. According to ancient yogic texts, pranayama is the advanced application of asana for the purpose of establishing higher levels of consciousness.

A basic introduction to the physiology of natural and therapeutic breathing will be presented with a focus on the neurophysiological dimensions of breath, including the study and practice of the eight classical types of Pranayama and two types of breath-based Kriyas. The therapeutic applications of three bandas and six mudras in the practice of pranayama will be thoroughly studied. In addition, the symptoms and disorders arising for the improper practice of pranayama, kriya and yogic diet will be addressed in detail, culminating in the therapeutic benefits of proper practice.

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