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“…your generosity has gone further than you can imagine. Ive already sung your praises to three of my girlfriends…. “ ~ Wendy M

“I’ve really been enjoying my classes at iGita. Thank you for allowing me to practice with you……I would line up at your door if you opened up in my town!” ~ Marg P 

“Thank you for the opportunity to come out and try your studio. Your staff and teachers are among the best I’ve seen!”  ~   Silvana D

“… I cannot tell you how special you made me feel today... I had a real, live ‘Namaste” moment in your studio! Thank you!”  ~ Margot H

“…Thank you for sharing your beautiful space at iGita with myself and my team!” ~ Elizabeth G

“ I know I have mentioned these things to you prior but I just want you to know how much I have appreciated all your support ….truly inspirational and heartfelt- thank you! ~ Michele D

“Thank you so much for all of the ‘Funday flow’ classes that you taught me! I loved the 20 days for 20$ and hope to do many more yoga classes with you in the future! ~Melanie T

“ George and I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful teaching. I see really positive changes in both of us, which makes me more hopeful for a healthier old age. After years of walking around (and sitting) hunched up, I can now sit normally and I have much less neck and shoulder soreness. With more work, I should feel even better! ~Nancy B

“I have never met anyone for the first time that was so genuinely compassionate, you touched my heart just by your empathy, love, and support.  From that point on, each time I visited a business I would envision that I am meeting people like you to keep me focused on my task and to relieve my anxiety and stress. I have so much appreciation for your kind heart and hope that I will be able to exchange that energy back to you through my services in the community.” ~ Peaches

“I began practicing yoga when Maureen & Shawn opened their doors several years ago in Burlington. I was always skeptical about yoga. During my first class I was very surprised at how difficult the asanas (poses) were. Doing the yoga in a heated room was also a new experience, one that I liked. After several months of practice I started to realize the benefits. I had a lot of low back problems and was seeing a chiropractor weekly. The back pain was disappearing and as a result I started to cut back on seeing my chiropractor...” ~ Tim R

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